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A combination of applied science and technology with spiritual practices to create a unique personal growth experience.


Our mission is to help people to benefit from their higher potential by

improving their state of mind and body.

Founder Kevin Ly has curated a blend of NSDR (Non Sleep Deep Rest), respiration practices and conscious movement all designed to provide you with  positive change to your mind and body. By using "micro guided" visualisations as well as respiratory protocols, you will learn how to build up your interoceptive sense so you can manage physiology better while lowering stress, improving recovery or even increasing creativity.


This is achieved from shifting peoples states by changing ones biochemistry and brain waves through active breath work, mind and emotion from guided practices. As a collective group and community, the space allows everyone to safely and comfortably drop into deep states of meditative experiences.


This meta practice is a specially curated one, combining areas of Upa Yoga, Wim Hof Method, Oxygen Advantage by Patrick McKeown, Heartmath Intelligence and Dr Joe Dispenza.

Core Values

Beyond Meditations has always valued contribution first, hence from day 1 all our classes are donation based. 

Kevin is a passionate champion for transformational practices, the potential of technology to transcend, and the power of a collective community.

All practices before shared are effective and proven practices through biofeedback devices and research studies.

Constant striving to provide a sensorial experience that bridges science and spirituality.


Monday 6.30pm ONLINE (60 mins) - SENIORS Only Workshop (Ages 50+)

Online Zoom Class Register Here

Tuesday 6.30pm ONLINE (60 mins) - Regular Weekly Classes

Online Zoom Class Register Here

Wednesday 7.20pm LIVE (60 mins) - Regular Weekly Classes

Live Redfern Class Register Here

Wednesday 6.15pm LIVE (60 mins) - IMMERSION Group Only (Advanced)

Live Redfern Class Register Here


Reduce Brain Fog
Increase Creativity
Reduce Stress and Anxiety
Reduce Inflammation
Promote Physical Performance
Become More Alkaline
Faster Recovery
Improve Sleep
Grow Inner Intuition
Build Mental Toughness


2/303a Liverpool St, Darlinghurst


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