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I’m a new student. How do I begin?

Simply contact Kevin to set up your start date and time. We care about our students.  To that end, we only take on two new students per week, per class. New students are encouraged to commit to all three classes for two weeks. If you find it difficult to integrate a regular practice, a minimum of 2 days a week is required. During this time, you will begin to learn the BY method and experience its benefits.

After two weeks, please choose the monthly fee most appropriate for you. These first two weeks are offered as a gift. In exchange, we ask that you ‘pay it forward’ by performing an act of kindness or contributing to a service-based organization of your choosing.

How often should I practice? 

For the full benefits, we recommend 3 days of practice per week. If this is too hard for you, we only ask that you do the best that you can.

I am pregnant. Should I still attend class?

Our breathwork practice includes breath retention and is not recommended for woman who are pregnant.

What should I do if I’m sick?

If you have a fever, stay home and take rest. If you don’t have a fever but your condition is contagious, practice at home. If you’re a bit under the weather, feel free to come in, but take care when practicing with your fellow students.


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