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Improve your Social Skills with Meditation

Did you know that meditation can help improve your social skills? Meditation helps boost self-confidence, and it improves our ability to interact with others. You can use meditation to overcome shyness, anxiety around strangers, or even the fear of public speaking.

There are a number of meditation techniques you can try, but Zazen meditation is considered as the most effective. It will help improve your social skills by helping you let go of judgment and anxiety. You learn to focus on each moment at a time as you meditate during this technique.

If this meditation technique does not fit right for you, here are some other meditation techniques and their social benefits:

  • Kirtan Kriya meditation will improve your confidence by raising your endorphin levels. The meditation technique will also help reduce stress and anxiety while increasing positivity to create a better mood.

  • Single Focused Attention meditation on each task at hand is one meditation technique that will decrease distractions in the workplace or any other place where you are required to focus including when driving. This meditation helps in improving your concentration as well as getting things you need done.

  • Loving Kindness meditation will increase your awareness of how you treat others. Therefore when you meditate, think about all the people who have been good to you and try actively thinking gratitude thoughts towards them as well.

Regardless of which meditation practice you choose, it can be effectively used as a tool to help you self reflect and become more confident in your own skin. As they say "Calm is contagious".

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