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BYM Teachers

Who We Are


Kevin Ly


Kevin Ly is an expert in contemplative practices and how they can be used to create change. Kevin has over 12 years of meditation experience, having learnt different modalities. He's traveled overseas to learn a variety of practices, from Buddhist traditions to teachers in science such as Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden and Joe Dispenza. Kevin is passionate about using technology to interpret and deepen practices for himself as well as others.

Carlie Pilling

Resident Teacher

Carlie Pilling is a resident teacher at Beyond Meditations. She was introduced to meditation at a young age, growing up in the Byron Bay area surrounded by all types of meditation and self-healing modalities such as Qi gong, yoga and chanting. She believes that all different meditations can be beneficial for those who are looking for change in their life. Her favourite type of meditation is Breathwork because it resonates with her the most and allows her time away from daily stressors.

Her love for all things energy work led her to become a Reiki practitioner. She also feels passionately about natural remedies to self heal and improve lifestyle.

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