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What People are Saying

“Kevin has a passion for personal growth and contribution which flows into everything he does. I’ve practiced breath work in the past however the guidance I’ve received from Kevin has allowed me to go deeper than I ever thought possible.”

Christopher Sellers

"Kevin has a wonderful way of putting people at ease, whilst challenging them to explore the unknown. The workshop is intense and confronting - a physical and emotional experience I had never had before - yet leaves you feeling clear, calm and at one with yourself. Awesome community, wonderful experience and legendary coach.

Sophia Witherington

"After four rounds of deep inhalations, exhalations and holding the breath, the result is one of real physical, emotional and mental adjustment, like resetting or a renewing. In that state, Kevin takes us on a guided meditation journey of detachment and perspective which finishes with gratitude blessings. I am now also a devotee and a regular of these classes and each time I leave with a deeper experience of the community that is fostered in Kevin's space."

Darren Spowart

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